The Seattle office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has served a “Notice to Appear,” to Washington-based community activist and mother, Maru Mora-Villalpando. This means that ICE has begun deportation proceedings against her. Here are a few actions you can take now: SIGN THIS PETITION to rescind the deportation order, donate to Maru’s Deportation Defense Fund, join us for our 3rd Annual People’s Tribunal on February 4th. You can read more about it here and watch an interview with Maru here.

Support Camp Zapata! Farmworkers strike after the death of a fellow worker in Sumas, WA.

August 10th, 2017: Happening now! Camp Zapata – a camp of guest workers via the H2A program & community members – are organizing to demand accountability for their fellow worker’s death, Ernesto Silva Ibarra, as well as to demand pay of their own owed wages and renewals of their expired visas for which the company farm Sarbanand Farms is responsible for. Follow Community to Community for updates.

Fourth Hunger Strike of 2017 Happening Now!

August 9th, 2017: 20 people inside the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) started another hunger strike, the fourth this year alone, demanding to be released from segregation and for all people detained be released to their families and communities starting with people that are not deportable, those that should be covered under the Convention Against Torture, and those that have waiting for a response on their case for more than 1 year. Read the press release here and follow updates on our Facebook!

Two Upcoming Events: July 20 – Justice for Cynthia July 23 – Hunger Striker Documentary Release

July 20 – Justice for Cynthia! Thursday, July 20, at 12:30Where: Department of Homeland Security, 12500 Tukwila International Blvd, Tukwila, WA 98168S Cynthia Vanessa Iraheta Lopez is a mother of 2 children, a 3-year old and a 9-year old, ICE wants to separate them by deporting Cynthia! Originally from Honduras, she’s lived in the U.S. for years. She’s a part of the Seattle area community. Unfortunately, to the racist, xenophobic Trump administration and the U.S. government, she’s “illegal” and must be deported.For years Cynthia has reported to DHS/ICE as instructed including on May 11, 2017, where she was told to report to BI Incorporated, a private contractor for DHS, for possible removal to Honduras. Due to community support and pressure, her removal was delayed while ICE reviewed the stay of deportation presented by her lawyer.Unfortunately, in an act reminiscent of a police state, she has been forced to wear an ankle bracelet so the government can monitor her whereabouts at all times. For this next check-in ICE has threaten Cynthia with being the last one, they want to separate her from her children!We call on the community to stand against family separation because it is cruel and unusual punishment. She has called on the community to support her on the date she’s to report to the Department of Homeland Security and possibly be deported from the U.S.RSVP hereSign this petition to support Cynthia: https://action.mijente.net/petitions/protect-cynthia-from-deportationDonate here to help with legal costs: https://www.youcaring.com/cynthiavanessairahetalopez-818833Watch these videos to learn more about her and other immigration cases: https://vimeo.com/album/4602999#justice4cynthia #justiciaparacynthia #dontseparatefamilies #noseparelasfamilias July 23 – Hunger Strike Documentary ReleaseSunday, July 23 at noonWhere: Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122What can you do when you know your rights, but the US government doesn’t respect them? Join the Northwest Detention Center Resistance for a short documentary screening and discussion of the 2014 and 2017 hunger strikes to protest human rights abuses at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington.View the Facebook Event HereRSVP: http://nwfilmforum.org/live/page/calendar/4441NWFilm Forum Accessibility Info: http://www.nwfilmforum.org/live/page/accessibility

Support the Hunger Strikers! June 20 Call To Action!

Join Us at the EncampmentWe will be camping in front of the Northwest Detention Center (1623 E J Street, Tacoma, WA 98421) 24 hours a day through the end of the week. Bring yourself and whatever you need to be comfortable – chairs, food, water, music – and join us in calling attention to the immigration system we all share responsibility for.  Call on Tacoma City to Shut Down the Detention CenterThe Northwest Detention Center is terrorizing immigrant communities and communities of color – not just in Tacoma, but also in Seattle, Bellingham and even Boise. The City of Tacoma can and should shut down this center. There are many legal avenues: revoke the business license due to GEO’s failure to comply with health standards; conduct unannounced inspections inspect the facility’s kitchen and laundry facilities (rather than notify GEO in advance); and/or revise the municipal code to make all detention facilities meet residential zoning standards. GEO would have to comply or shut down the facility. Please sign and share the petition at https://action.mijente.net/petitions/close-the-northwest-detention-center-release-immigrants-on-bond, which we’ll have up until Tacoma City’s Emergency Ordinance to prevent the NWDC’s expansion expires on September 9, 2017. Use your hunger in solidarityIf you’re not local but you want to support us, you can fast for one day, or even just one meal. Please write a note, draw a picture, or take a selfie and tag #NWDCResistance on Facebook – tell folks on the inside why you stand with them!

Maru Joins the Tacoma 12 & Adelanto 9 in Calling for an End to Human Rights Abuses in Immigrant Detention

On Monday June 19, Maru Mora Villalpando, member of NWDCR, started a hunger strike to call attention to the plight of up to 1,600 immigrants held in detention suffering human rights abuses at the Northwest Detention Center. On June 15th 2017 at least a dozen detainees went on hunger strike to call attention to inhumane detention conditions, refusing to eat for multiple days. By June 18th, NWDCR organizers received reports that more than 25 hunger strikers are calling on GEO Group to provide edible, nutritious food, on ICE to provide fair and timely hearings, and on civil society to step up and take action for the injustices in our communities. In response, Maru Mora Villalpando is going on hunger strike, and is joined by other members of the civil society who are stepping up their solidarity. For more, read the press release here

April 2017 Hunger Strike Call to Action!

We need your support!! Take Action Now in Two Steps1. Call the City of Tacoma’s Finance Department and urge them to revoke GEO Group’s Business License.In a March 2017 letter to GEO, Mayor Strickland noted that the City of Tacoma can revoke GEO’s business license if it is a “danger to the public health, safety and welfare of the individuals [detained] as well as the community as a whole.”  - Finance Department, Andrew Cherullo, Finance Director, 253.591.5800 

2. Call ICE and demand that they meet the Hunger Strikers’ Demands (see below) and that GEO Group not retaliate against hunger strikers. We have reports that strikers have been threatened with transfer to facilities away from their loved ones as punishment.

 Acting Field Director, Bryan S. Willcox
 Assistance Field Director (Detention): William Penaloza
 Facility Main Telephone: (253) 779.6000
 Field Office Main Telephone Line: (206) 835.0650

Hunger Striker’s Demands​
​▪ Change the food menu
▪ Lower commissary prices.
▪ Improve hygiene, including the ability to wash clothes with soap and water.
▪ Increase recreation time.
▪ Have schoolwork and other programs available to keep detainees occupied.
▪ Improve medical attention.
▪ Increase wages for working detainees.
▪ Help speed up the legal process for detainees.

Other hunger strike updates 4/14/17: Seventy Detained Women Join Protest as Hunger Strike Enters Fifth Day. Download the press release on our press page here. Follow our social media for updates.