Support the Hunger Strikers! June 20 Call To Action!

Join Us at the EncampmentWe will be camping in front of the Northwest Detention Center (1623 E J Street, Tacoma, WA 98421) 24 hours a day through the end of the week. Bring yourself and whatever you need to be comfortable – chairs, food, water, music – and join us in calling attention to the immigration system we all share responsibility for.  Call on Tacoma City to Shut Down the Detention CenterThe Northwest Detention Center is terrorizing immigrant communities and communities of color – not just in Tacoma, but also in Seattle, Bellingham and even Boise. The City of Tacoma can and should shut down this center. There are many legal avenues: revoke the business license due to GEO’s failure to comply with health standards; conduct unannounced inspections inspect the facility’s kitchen and laundry facilities (rather than notify GEO in advance); and/or revise the municipal code to make all detention facilities meet residential zoning standards. GEO would have to comply or shut down the facility. Please sign and share the petition at, which we’ll have up until Tacoma City’s Emergency Ordinance to prevent the NWDC’s expansion expires on September 9, 2017. Use your hunger in solidarityIf you’re not local but you want to support us, you can fast for one day, or even just one meal. Please write a note, draw a picture, or take a selfie and tag #NWDCResistance on Facebook – tell folks on the inside why you stand with them!

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