Maru Joins the Tacoma 12 & Adelanto 9 in Calling for an End to Human Rights Abuses in Immigrant Detention

On Monday June 19, Maru Mora Villalpando, member of NWDCR, started a hunger strike to call attention to the plight of up to 1,600 immigrants held in detention suffering human rights abuses at the Northwest Detention Center. On June 15th 2017 at least a dozen detainees went on hunger strike to call attention to inhumane detention conditions, refusing to eat for multiple days. By June 18th, NWDCR organizers received reports that more than 25 hunger strikers are calling on GEO Group to provide edible, nutritious food, on ICE to provide fair and timely hearings, and on civil society to step up and take action for the injustices in our communities. In response, Maru Mora Villalpando is going on hunger strike, and is joined by other members of the civil society who are stepping up their solidarity. For more, read the press release here

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