Statement in Support of Black-Led Uprising & Police Abolition, Defund Seattle Police, and Justice for Manuel Ellis

Right now we are called by Black-led uprisings all over the United States in response to the recent police murders of Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Manuel Ellis and more, to imagine a world without policing, and move towards that reality. Time and again, we mourn the deaths of Black people whose lives are stolen through state sanctioned and vigilante violence. Time and again, police demonstrate themselves to be violent forces designed to support white supremacy, property, and the status quo. In Resistencia, we know the moment for reform has passed – we can’t make “better” racist police and we can’t make “better” racist immigration detention centers. We defend Black Lives by upholding and supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-led movements to defund police; abolish prisons; and redistribute land, resources and wealth to enable community controlled solutions to health and safety.  Click here to read our full statement in solidarity with Black-led uprising and police abolition.

Communities keep us safe, not police, not ICE! It’s time to defund police everywhere.

La Resistencia joins Decriminalize Seattle, 200+ orgs, 35,000 people and counting in the demand to defund Seattle Police.

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The Demands

1. Defund the Seattle Police Department by at least 50%
2. Reallocate those funds to community-led health and safety systems
3. Release protestors arrested during this uprising without charges

Alongside defunding SPD, we want justice for the lives lost, including the life cut short by Tacoma Police — Manuel Ellis. On March 3, 2020 Manuel Ellis was murdered by police in Tacoma, WA. His family and Tacoma Action Collective have fiercely organized and advocated, and now his death will get an independent investigation. We urge any of you who are able to make a donation to his family in solidarity.

We honor and fight for Black immigrant lives. We honor and fight for Black queer lives and Black trans lives lost to police, racial, and gender-based violence. #BlackImmigrantLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #BlackQueerLivesMatter #DominiqueRemmieFells #Riah Milton #TonyMcDade