Ban Private Prisons in Washington State!

Together we can ban private prisons in Washington State!  
Right now, Washington State’s house and senate have a bill (HB2576 and SB6442) before them that will ban private entities from owning and operating prisons (including administrative detention) in Washington, or through a contract with Washington State. 

Let’s pass this bill! We can join other states like California and Illinois in the movement to decarcerate and close down prisons, jails, and detention centers. All prisons and detention centers are harmful, traumatic, and should be closed. We see the effort to close private prisons as one of the many ways we work towards ending detention and deportations in Tacoma, WA and beyond and one of the many ways we work towards a world with freedom of movement for all. 

In legislative terms, it’s a short session, which means we have a narrow window to pass the bill this year. We know we can’t wait because private prison companies are going on signing sprees to extend contracts in states where there is a threat of a private prison ban! We know we can’t wait because we want people to be returned to their families and communities now! We hope you’ll join us by taking action together!

To keep the bill alive, we have to get it out of committee by Feb. 7th!  To stay tuned and get involved:
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