Taking Action During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We participated in a national #FreeThemAll week of action to put pressure on people like Jay Inslee to release people from NWDC. In case you missed it, links to those actions are below! It still helps to do any of those calls to actions. You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to join in on new calls to action! 

3/30, Day 1- Demand ICE #FreeThemAll: tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay1
3/31, Day 2 – Let Our People Go/Trans Day of Visibility: tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay2
4/1, Day 3 – #DefundHate: Reject COVID-19 ICE and CBP Funding: tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay3
4/2, Day 4 – La policia, la migra, la misma porqueria: tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay4
4/3, Day 5 – Care not Cages: Public Health Department Accountability Day: tinyurl.com/FreeThemAllDay5
4/4, Day 6 – #FreeThemAll Solidarity Day Webinar: Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/LaResistenciaNW/videos/219241772660632/